Best Media Tracking Apps for Movies and TV Shows in 2024

In today’s digital age, numerous technical tools operate behind the scenes of our technology-driven world. This article introduces you to the world’s most popular media tracking apps for movies and TV shows in 2024. These apps help you keep track of where and when your favorite content is available, ensuring you never miss a show or movie.

Best Apps To Track TV Shows And Movies In 2024

As discussed, there are countless tracking apps for movies and TV shows. Experts and developers have highlighted the top apps for 2024. Here’s a list of the best tracking apps you can use to ensure you never miss any of your favorite shows or movies.

Next Episode

Next Episode is a well-designed app with a clean interface available across multiple platforms. It features top charts and personalized recommendations based on what you’re watching. This app is perfect for keeping up with new shows.

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Trakt tv

Trakt tv is highly regarded as the most fully-featured service for tracking TV shows and movies. After creating a Trakt account, you can connect it with services like Popcorn Time, Apple TV, and Plex. Trakt will automatically track what you watch. It’s available on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, with options to manually track your viewing.

TV Series

By using TV Series with FEMA, you can customize every aspect of the app’s interface, including themes and widget options. It allows for notifications, episode information, and strong social features.


TodoMovies is a simple to-do list for movies you want to watch. It includes a discovery section to help you keep up with new releases. If you prefer not to use a separate app, you can create a watchlist on IMDB, which tracks all your movies and TV shows.


SeriesGuide is designed for Android devices, offering a visually appealing app that allows you to check in, track episodes, and comment using Trakt It works well offline and includes a built-in widget for DashClock.

Final Words

We’ve covered the best movie and TV show tracker apps for 2024. If you discover any other interesting apps, let us know! We’ll evaluate their popularity and consider adding them to this list.

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