Best Media Tracking Apps For Movies And Tv Shows

In now a days there are uncountable technical stuff is working behind of our technical world, here we are talking about the worlds most popular media tracking apps for our favorite movies and also tv shows. So from this article we are going to introduce you the best media tracking apps for this 2019 year.

If you’re getting bored while knowing various facts like where your favorite movie is going to play such as amazon prime video, netflix or any where else… and at what time the movie or tv show has the schedule to release. To know these kind of details we need to use various tracking apps, so now we are going to show the top rated apps. So let’s get started.

Best Apps To Track TV Shows And Movies In 2019

As we discussed in the above lines we have uncountable tracking apps for movies and tv shows. From those tracking apps the experts and developers released some top most using apps for this 2019 year.

Now we are going to show you those apps list and you can use them as you want and there will be no chance to miss any of your favorite shows or any programs..etc. So let us start.

  1. Next Episode
  3. iTV Shows 3
  4. TVshow Time
  5. TV Series
  6. TodoMovies
  7. SeriesGuide

The above mentioned apps are the best tracking apps for every tv show and any movies irrelevant to the language among the world. So now we are going to give some brief explanation of those tracking 2019 apps, so let’s get started.

1) Next Episode: It has a lovely looking widget with a clean interface across the both platforms, all the top charts are visible and also the personalised recommendations can be shown for all new shows to follow them but it is based on what you’re watching.

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2) According to the many users the is the most fully featured service for tracking tv shows, movies..etc. Once you have created the trakt account you can connect with the services such as popcorn time, apple tv and also plex and then the trakt will automatically track what you watch everyday. This is the app to keep track of tv shows android, IOS, Windows phone for manually track what ever you’re watching then you have this chance too for chosing from the whole stack of  third party apps.

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3) iTV Shows 3: It is very oldest apps on IOS and it keeps tracking all the shows. It has multiple features and it has cross device sync with the icloud or app with lots of features. It always supports the lovely widget, custom notifications and time zone override – which is useful when you want to watch a show online on a streaming service. For all about syncing, it is a little buggy.

4) TVshow Time: It adds all types of interesting social elements for tracking the tv shows and it is simple app for android and ios users. TVshow Time has very light weight interface and also it allows the user to comment on any shows with the community of other users of the TVshow time app. The shows which are legally available on the web don’t need to find any other way to watch and enjoy.

5) TV Series: By using the FEMA along with the TV series we can customise every aspect of the app interface. Good themes and widget options available in it. If you are not satisfying with the default logo then it allows our favorite logo to select for a specific show. With this TV Series we can even get the notifications, information about episodes and also the strong social features.

6) TodoMovies: It is the simple todo list of movies what ever you want to watch like with a discovery section which are built in to help you to keep up with all of the new releases. But if you don’t want to get a special or separate app for this TodoMovies thne you have a chance to make a watchlist on IMDB and it keeps track all of your movies and tv shows what ever you want to watch.

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7) SeriesGuid: Its all about for android devices and it is one of the best looking apps and it allows you to check in, track episodes and also comment along with the ratings by using the So it gives the access to sync and also SeriesGuide works great in offline which is something what other apps neglect in these days. Do you really like to enjoy DashClock widget? then it has the built in widget for dashclock widget.

Final Words About Tracking Apps:

We mentioned almost all the best movie tracker apps for all the latest movies in 2019. If you find any other interesting app than the above mentioned list then let us know we will tell you the exact fact behind of its popularity, if we feel that is the best app then we will list that app in this article.

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