How Fix On Kodi Permanently

If you want to fix on your kodi there two methods available. Once you follow those two methods you will not get any kind of issues mostly which are relevant to the olpair servers. Before we are going to learn about the how to fix on kodi permanently.

This is a type of error and it is coming when the user trying to watch a movie or any kind of other videos on his/her kodi software which was installed on their device. Once chose their favourite video on their kodi software they will get different servers list on their kodi software. From them, they need to select

The rest of the information has discussed in the below lines. So use them to fix the on kodi permanently.

How to fix on kodi permanently

There are two methods available to fix the on your kodi. So let me tell you their procedure and after that, you can follow them by using these steps. So let me start the tutorial first.

Method 1: How To Fix On Kodi By Using Stream Authorization

This method will help you a lot in fixing the with the easy steps and easy to understanding aspects. So let us begin

  1. First of all, you need to “Launch Your Kodi”
  2. Try to select any “Movie or any video’ from the “Video Addon”
  3. As usual, you will get different “Servers Issues”
  4. From that servers list, you have to select “”
  5. Now try to watch your favourite video again from here
  6. But again you would get an error which says “To play this video stream authorization required”
  7. For that, you need to visit  “”
  8. There you will get some “Captchas” which you should solve them.
  9. After solving those captchas you will get “IP Address” for your device
  10. With that IP address, you need to pair with the “Olpair”
  11. To pair your device you need to click on “Pair”

That’s all from now on wards your kodi will not give any kind of servers list on your videos. This pair will sustain all kind of kodi servers issues up to four hours. After four hours you need to pair your device IP address with the olpair IP address.

Method 2: How To Fix On Kodi By Using Hosters With Captchas

To solve the error on your kodi you need to follow the below steps.

  1. Start your “Kodi”
  2. Click on “Addons”
  3. Select “Settings icon”
  4. Now convert your “Settings” option to “Expert” mode
  5. Now click on “Manage Dependencies” option
  6. Now select “ResolveURL” Dependency
  7. Click on “Configure”
  8. Now you will see different types of “Resolvers” list, from them, try to select any one of them
  9. After them, you will see “Open Load”> click on “Enable”
  10. Click on “OK”
  11. Now go back to the “Kodi Home Screen”> “Addons”> Click on “Settings/Tools” (which lies inside the “Addon”)
  12. Now click on “Clear Cache and Providers”
  13. Then click on “Play Back Settings”
  14. Finally “Disable The Hosters With Captchas”

With the above two methods, you can fix on your kodi permanently. I hope all of you got more information about the how to fix error on kodi permanently.

Process To Disable Open Load Stream Authorization

Olpair stream authorization is an issue which is coming frequently to the kodi users. This issue comes from the addons when the user wants to watch his/her favourite movie or any other videos through the different addons. So the stream authorization would stop or interrupt the user entertainment.
This issue appears all across the kodi addons. To avoid this issue the developers are introducing the olpair server, which only can solve this issue on every kodi software. Today we are giving the information on how to disable the stream authorization error on every kodi software. Let me start the tutorial.

There are some easy steps to disable the https olpair com stream authorization 2018 on your kodi software device. But before we are going to start our main tutorial we have to know about how to pair our device with the openload olpair kodi.
1. First of all, you have to go “”
2. “Recaptcha” and “I am Not a Robot” would appear, you have to solve them
3. Now click on “Pair”
After the above procedure, you will get the “Stream authorization is needed to play this video” pop up will come. At that time you have to follow the below steps.
1. Launch your “Kodi”
2. Click on “Settings”
3. Chose “System Settings”
4. Click on “Addons”
5. Now chose “Manage Dependencies”
6. Find and click on “URL resolver”
7. Chose “Configure”
8. Pick up the resolver 3 or 4 and click on “Open Load”
9. Scroll down, in the below list you will get “Enabled” mode

This is the solution for how to disable the stream authorization 2018 on your kodi software. If your kodi is getting this stream authorization required the pop-up, you can solve or you can disable that pop up within two minutes. So follow the above steps and make disable the pop-up.

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