How to Fix Not working Error On Kodi 17 & 18

Kodi , once a very uncommon and hidden application is now extremely popular and has been blowing up on the internet for years. This is mainly because of the Add-ons it provides and supports enabling its user base to be able to watch the latest movies and TV Shows for free on the highest quality. Due to this popularity boom, Kodi has become quite mainstream now and thus errors of different sorts have started rising. The most common one being the pairing errors with different hosting services.

Today you will unravel how to fix the pairing issues using the Flash x TV pair method and then continue watching your favourite content on Kodi.

Guide to fix Not working Error On Kodi 17 & 18

Step 1 : Open the latest version of Kodi on your device to get started with fixing error.

Step 2 : Select Video Add-ons from the Kodi home screen and select any of the popular video addons used for streaming movies and TV shows.

Step 3 : Try to get the error pop-up by playing any video, movie or tv show through the Flash x server.

Step 4 : Once you are done selecting any movie or tv show, navigate through all the available host sources till you find one with FlashX, then select it.

Step 5 : A pop – up saying “To play This Video Stream Authorization Is Required” will appear when you click on the video source and not let you proceed. This can be fixed by using the Flashx pair method where  your device IP address is paired with FlashX tv.

Step 6 : If you wish to pair your device with FlashX tv, open your web browser with the latest version and enter the url flashx tv pairing.php.

flashx ok


Step 7: Click the Sign up option after the site loads to make an account at

Step 8 : Refrain from entering incorrect information and give your real email id and Country.

Step 9 : Once you are done with signing up on Flash x TV pair, open your email account and look for the Flash x TV verification email and click on the verification link sent.

Step 10 :  Once you are done verifying your account, use the Sign in option to login and then enter your credentials.

Step 11 : Once done with all the previous steps go to to begin pairing.

Step 12 : Click on Verify me and complete any captcha given to prove you are not a robot and then click on Pair.

Step 13 : Now go back to your Kodi, you will see a new pop up message saying pairing was successful.

Step 14 : Go ahead and watch any video, TV Show or movie from Flash x TV without facing any issues since you are paired with their system now.

Final Words

You should now be able to successfully watch any video hosted by FlashX tv since you have completed the Flashx tv pair. If you have any question or issues with the following, make sure to comment down below.

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