How To Fix Not working Error On Kodi

Kodi recently started booming on the internet because of the capabilities and possibilities it brings with countless add-ons. These addons enable the user base of Kodi to view the latest movies and tv shows on Kodi for no cost at the highest quality available. Kodi is now quite common and used by many people. This mainstream also caused a lot of errors and unexpected issues to rise. One of the most common ones being the pairing errors when using a hosting service to view a movie or tv show.

Let’s find out how we can fix this pairing issue on the famous video sharing and hosting service using the vshare eu pair method. This will also show the correct process of using the method in case your vshare eu pair is not working.

Guide to fix vshare pair not working error on Kodi

Step 1 : First of all, confirm that you are running the same network on internet connection to view the video content like movies, tv shows, anime, music video etc and also to pair the device IP with the website IP or you will definitely get an error since the pairing will be unsuccessful.

Step 2 : The Vshare pair hoster’s Kodi pairing website will not be able to successfully pair when the 2 devices you use to pair are running on different networks since the vshare pairing website will not be able to find the viewing source you want to pair since it is in another network.

Step 3 : This is the only possible way to get this unusual error, i.e. , to use 2 separate devices that is running 2 different networks to access the internet. For example, if you are running Kodi and trying to watch movies on your laptop through a Openload host which is using your home wi-fi but when you try to attempt the pairing device it fails since your mobile phone is connected to the Cellular network.

Vshare pair steps


Step 4 : Before proceeding with the next step double check and affirm that your 2 devices are using the same network to access the internet. When you use the same network on 2 different devices, there is a 100% chance it will work without any errors.

Step 5 : Now that you are on the same network, pairing with kodi will work without any issues or errors and will be able to complete the pairing process successfully without facing any problems. After finishing pairing, kodi pair will let you view any vshare hosted video content like tv shows, movies, podcasts, music videos, animes for the next 4 hours from the time of pairing without any interruptions or problems.

Note : This stream hoster’s kodi pairing process we just went through is exactly the same with a few changes to the website you visit with other major and big video hosts used on Kodi mainly, Streamango,, and

Final Words

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